Accounts Payable Core

Gather all invoices on a daily basis from dealership managers.
Gather all invoices on a daily basis received in the mail.
Review invoices for signature approval, items received in the mail will need approval from managers in order to post to the DMS system.
Does the organization require purchase orders for all purchases?
Record on each invoice the correct account number utilizing the organizations chart of account and the assigned vendor number.
If the invoice is pre-coded upon receipt verify the recorded information is correct, if not correct the recorded data.
Post invoices to the DMS system daily.
After posting, mark each invoice as posted with the current day stamp.
All invoices posted and waiting for payment should be maintained in one area.
All statements received should be stored in some type of order for future payment.
Request missing invoices from vendors.
Print and post factory invoices daily, Checkpoint all non-reoccurring invoices needs a manager approval. Checkpoint confirm the organizations guideline for fixed assets and pre-paid invoices, note if it belongs in fixed assets or prepaid provide copies to the Office Manager or Accounting Manager.