Accounts Payable Other (Finance Product Specialist) Daily Duties

Accounts Payable Other (Finance Product Specialist) Duties

Daily Duties

New policy submissions utilizing the vendor portal.

Gather all written requests for cancellations from the Finance Department daily.

Gather all written requests from customers and lienholders received by email or mail daily.

Review written cancellation requests for completion and signature approval.  Process requests for cancellation through the vendors portal or email.  See the vendor’s guidelines.

Record on each cancellation and invoice the correct account number utilizing the organization’s chart of account and the assigned vendor number.

Verify the lienholder information, verify the loan is paid full, and if paid in full submit the cancellation check for refund to the customer.

If the customer’s loan is not paid in full, issue the refund check to the lienholder on file.

Submit all refund checks with back-up for signatures.

Post invoices for new products and cancellations to the Data management system.

After posting, mark each invoice as posted with the current day.