Accounts Payable Other (Finance Product Specialist) Monthly Duties

Accounts Payable Other (Finance Product Specialist)

Monthly Duties

Reconcile new business, submit missing applications utilizing the vendor portal.

Reconcile vendor accounts and pay according to the organization’s guidelines.

Pay vendors monthly, check the organization’s guidelines for exceptions.

Post invoices for new products and cancellations to the Data management system.

After posting, mark each invoice as posted with the current day.

All vendor invoices posted and waiting for payment should be maintained in one area.

All statements received should be stored in some order for future payment.

Reconcile Finance Reserve Statements

Upon receipt of finance reserve statements, reconcile to the general ledger.  Post to the Data Management System and record the variances.

Time to review postings, utilizing the process in place at the dealership, reconcile the general ledger (schedules) and complete postings to the Data Management Systems

Obtain a copy of the general ledger balance, reconcile any additional accounts, and notate all variances and necessary adjustments.

Clean-up time and follow-up

Request missing invoices from vendors.

Request for cancellation of finance products.

Maintain a list of finance companies, before each month is over confirm statements for all finance companies are accounted for.

Cancellation requests

Verify the lienholder information on cancellation requests, verify the loan is paid full, and if paid in full submit the cancellation check for refund to the customer.

If the customer’s loan is not paid in full, issue the refund check to the lienholder on file.

Submit all refund checks with back-up for signatures.