Accounts Payable Weekly Duties

If the sublet schedule is assigned to the Accounts Payable Clerk, weekly the sublet schedule should be researched for any outstanding issues.  Reconcile the sublet schedule weekly, discuss and resolve all the problems with the appropriate personnel in the organization.

–   Contact vendor for missing invoices

–    Resolve outstanding issues

Reconcile vendor accounts and pay according to the organization’s guidelines.

–    Recommend paying vendors a minimum of twice a month (10th & 20th) some direct pays can be paid weekly, check the organization’s process or guidelines.

All utilities and regular re-occurring invoices can be paid as received or as part of the direct pay run to avoid late fees and cut-off notices.

With all payments attach a copy of items not paid and notate on the dealerships reconciliation sheet.

Reconcile Factory Postings

Upon receipt of all factory related invoices code and record in the Data management system.  Obtain a copy of the general ledger balance and the weekly factory statement, reconcile the documents and notate all variances and necessary adjustments.