Accounts Receivable Clerk

The role of the Accounts Receivable Clerk is to, approve, open and maintain new vendor charge accounts, providing vendors with invoices upon request, applying payments to the Data Management System utilizing the assigned account numbers from the chart of accounts and some collection work. The Accounts Receivable Clerk’s focus is to run receivable statements on the same day of each month maintaining consistency for vendors.  Post cash receipts to the Data Management System, prepare daily bank deposits, and reconcile the cash clearing accounts.

This position answers directly to the Accounts Receivable Supervisor or Accounting Manager.

Duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to the following:

  • Record payments (cash, check, credit card, money order) as received on vendor accounts to the general ledger.
  • Record proceeds received for retail installment contracts, draft funding (ACH payments).
  • Record payments received for finance reserve receivables.
  • Record/post to the Data Management System all monies (cash, checks, money order, credit card, travelers checks) received by the Accounts Receivable department daily. Prepare bank deposits.
  • Reconcile vendor accounts weekly.
  • Run statements monthly.
  • Reconcile Cash clearing account daily.
  • Run accounts receivable schedule weekly, correct misapplied payments.
  • Perform monthly Accounts Receivable close.
  • Provide vendor copies of Accounts Receivable statements and invoices as needed.
  • Open new vendor accounts and assign new accounts vendor account numbers.
  • Maintain credit applications and new account information in a secure place.
  • Deposit and record in the DMS system Car deal, parts and service monies daily.
  • Collection work.

Additional physical requirements, moving about Dealership, sitting six to eight hours per shift bending, stretching, lifting (30 lbs.), reaching, climbing.  Using office equipment consistent with industry standards.

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