Before booking a car deal

Let’s collect some items from the car deal
Pull from the car jacket:
Compare the vehicle identification number on the sale packet to the title/manufacturer’s statement of origin.A copy of the dealership’s code sheet.The purchase agreement, sales contract.(if applicable) and finance recap.Due bill or we owe.

From the Data Management System
->I’m a fan of cleaning up the gross screen in the finance log-on depends on the Data Management System,
->Confirm the sales manager information.
->Salesperson information and commission.
->Is the amount financed correct?
->Verify the sales amount including the down payment amount.
->Verify the finance source.
->If the transaction is not already in booked status; this is a time to turn it to booked status.
->Once the sales transaction is in booked status, time to verify accounting against the sales and finance department:

Time to reconcile
->Time to reconcile the deal.
->Verify the sales gross.
->Verify the finance reserve gross.
->Verify the aftermarket gross. Set up an allowance for the rebate, all trade-ins, and packs as it applies to the organization’s process.
->Create the sales voucher in Excel or using the Data management system.
->Record the sales transaction in the Data management system, update the accounting log (if it applies) notating variances or adjustments for each sales transaction on the log. (Best Practice: Consider sending explanations on differences over $50.00 to the sales manager for confirmation. The sales manager should adjust his log at that time).
->Once the deal is reconciled and finalized, follow the organization’s process for completing the file