Billing Clerk Monthly Duties

Monthly (Month-end)

Take a deep breath, were almost at the end of one month.  Time to put this month to rest.

First thing reconcile all wholesale units (working on unit counts only), retail new and used units and dealer trades to the sales log.  Are all units for the month posted, are all back-outs reversed?

Verify with the Contract/Title Clerk, all outstanding deals are submitted to the Accounting office one last time.

Upon receipt of all deals follow the weekly process, once all deals are accounted and in the organizations Data Management System, it’s time to reconcile to the rest of deals in house and post them to the Data Management System.

Final clean and corrections to all assigned schedules, including inventory and due-bill or we-owe and any other assigned schedules.

Record all variances on the Accounting log, send variances to finance and sales department.

Submit final updated logs to the finance and sales department for review.

Does the finance and sales department reconcile to accounting numbers?

Reconcile floorplan schedules are all sold vehicles paid off per the lender and organization guidelines?

Reconcile floorplan schedules are all vehicles not sold floor planned?

Commission worksheets, submit final to the management team, including the sales department for final approval.