Book-Keeper (Assistant Office Manager)

Book-Keeper (Assistant Office Manager)

The Book-Keeper position is the Office Manager/Accounting Manager in training.  This position is responsible for but not limited to reviewing the balance sheet, expense trends, completing assigned general ledger account reconciliations and reviewing assigned schedules.   Responsible for submission of new business and cancellation of finance products.  Additional duties include examining compliance laws that may affect the dealership and assist the Office Manager/Accounting Manager with reports and implementation.  Assist accounting staff as needed.

This position answers directly to Office Manager/Accounting Manager and Controller for special projects.

Duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to the following:

  • Submit all new finance related policies after reconciling to the product/after-market schedule (ledger accounts), review signatures and completed applications.
  • Upon review and approval from the finance director, submit cancellations for the current month, corrected business and new business.
  • Responsible for maintaining all product/after-market schedules (ledger accounts).
  • Reconcile and review assigned balance sheet accounts.
  • Submit current month reconciliations and schedules for approval.
  • Review the Management Information System or DOC for discrepancies or necessary adjustments.
  • Review expenses and suggest areas for improvement.
  • Assist the Office Manager/Controller as needed.
  • Assist accounting staff as needed.

Additional physical requirements, moving about Dealership, Sitting six to eight hours per shift.  Bending, stretching, lifting (30 lbs.), reaching, and climbing.  Using office equipment consistent with industry standards.