How did I get here?

Where am I and how in the world did I get here?

Well if you are lucky, you are in this place called a Dealership. An Automobile Dealership to be specific is defined as a vehicle local distribution in business to sell new or used cars at the retail level, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary. It employs automobile salespeople to sell their automotive vehicles.

Now let’s put it in terms that we can all understand, typically an automobile or car dealership sells vehicles, assists in facilitating financing as needed, provides repairs in the service /body shop department to other company’s including dealerships and individuals, sells parts to other dealerships, parts stores and at times to individuals.
The automobile dealership does not finance vehicles; they facilitate the financial transaction with finance companies such as Ally, Bank of America, and Tinker Credit Union that have a relationship with the automobile dealership. Dealerships employ and recruit sales people, finance people, technicians, cashiers, service advisors, parts sales people, parts drivers. They also hire from General sales managers to Parts Managers and accounting staff.

The transaction could start from all the mentioned departments; it could begin in the sales department, with a salesperson that assists the customer in making a purchasing decision on the type of car or truck, they wish to purchase. They may have to decide on a new or gently used vehicle. At times, the sales manager is involved in closing the vehicle sale.
From there the customer visits the finance department,

and the finance staff facilitates the financing for the vehicle and also sells finance products such as extended warranty, after market equipment and in some case policies for wheel/tire as an example.
After the purchase is complete and the customer has the key and vehicle off they go. Titling and tagging the vehicle will vary on each state see your dealership staff for more information.

The service department is primarily responsible for repairing vehicles (the customer is responsible for payment in full), warranty repairs may require a deductible and the remaining authorized repair is reimbursed by the warranty company if the vehicle is still under warranty. See the manufacturer or dealership guidelines. The service department depending on the state may offer for sale aftermarket products or services such as tint or bed-liners.
The service department may also additionally out-source repairs for the vehicle to another dealership if they are limited in the type of repair or if their facility is not able to adequately handle the additional work. This kind of transaction is a sublet sale. The vehicle is delivered back to the customer where it was initially dropped off for service once the repairs are completed. The last type of general repair is maintenance items such as tire rotation or lube oil and filters.

The parts department serves a little bit of a different role; they provide parts to the service department for repairs, they sell parts to other vendors, and they also sell parts to other individuals if available.
Some dealerships have body-shops that provide service for minor to major body repairs on a vehicle. In most cases, the repairs for body repairs are related to insurance and private payments. Some dealerships also provide commercial and fleet sales for commercial purposes.
The Accounting Department is the backbone of the dealership or automotive setting, once each transaction is complete, the accounting department is responsible for collecting all necessary documents needed to complete each sale or service transaction and account for all monies due. The Accounting Department may see for example submission of new extended warranties, reconciliation of the organization’s bank account or an audit initiated by an outside source. The Accounting Department is

responsible for various accounting duties while reporting accurate data to the executive staff, manufacturer, state agencies and federal agenices in a timely manner.