Pre-Boarding Pass

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Step 1

Welcome to your first day as an employee in the Automotive Industry, this is the best hidden industry, things may change, but they stay the same, fast pace, specific industry language and lots of rewards if you’re up for the challenge.

My role as an industry expert is to serve you as a Mentor/Advisor, to address questions or concerns.  This website is here to provide community, resources, and support to elevate you to the next step in this Journey called life-work balance.

Step 2

Please find your job description on the tab labeled job description below.

Step 3

Below you will find a glossary of common words used in this industry.

Step 4

What does each department do,will help you answer where you fit in this puzzle?

Step 5

Customer service, each department is our customer; below find more information on your role in providing customer service.  

Step 6

Find a partner to do lunch with daily; it will help make the environment most enjoyable, obtain a copy of the policy and procedures manual see your manager for this review, find the restrooms and break area.

Step 7

This website will provide you with information on how to perform your new job, lots of resources about what happens in a dealership, how to join idealershipaccounting Facebook page and idealershipaccounting Instagram for life-changing daily inspiration and retreats coming soon.

Step 8

Again, welcome and we look forward to serving you!