Reconciling payroll accrual

The purpose of the bonus worksheet?

Bonus worksheet is used to create the month end bonuses due to sales manager, fixed operations managers, accounting managers, GSM and GM as examples.

Best practice allows the employees to review their compensation before it’s processed.

Reconciliation tool to double check accrual versus what was issued.

Payroll accrual template

Time to get started?

Utilizing the final before commissions’ financial statement, D.O.C, M.I.S or income statement it’s time to calculate and create the employee commission accrual worksheet.  As a preference, I like to have copies of pay plans in a binder on my drive, or whatever is easily accessible?  Next, input the data onto the highlighted only areas on the bonus worksheet template.  The data will populate, review the information using the pay plans in hand, following the guidelines for the organization, submit payroll to the appropriate payroll administrator.  Once checks are issued, and payroll is posted, print the payroll accruals schedule or payroll ledger from the DMS system.   Do not reverse this entry.

  • – Time to reconcile, compare the accounting ledger versus payroll amounts by posting into the highlighted area on the worksheet in the area marked ledger balance, review the output, the value in the variance column should be zero.  If the output in the variance column is not zero, investigate, evaluate and provide corrections to payroll department.


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