When floor planning new & used vehicles

Floor planning vehicles is another way to keep cash flowing through the bank account.
A request to floor plan is asking for a loan on vehicles in the dealership’s inventory. It is a plan to finance the vehicles for a period of time or until sold. If the vehicle is not paid by the specified or agreed upon deadline, the bank may require the dealer to pay off the vehicle or make payments called curtailments on the loan until the vehicle is paid in full. Consider the interest paid on the loan.
What is the policy for used units that are not sold can they be floor planned (borrowing against the vehicles)?
What is the policy for new units that are purchased or dealer traded in, but not sold, can they be floor planned, check the organization’s policy.
What paperwork is needed to floor plan a new vehicle?
What paperwork is needed to floor plan a used vehicle?
Is there a mileage or age limit on used vehicles?
How long can the vehicle stay on the floor plan?
What is a principal payment or curtailment?
Are there principal payments or curtailments required on the inventory to reduce the floorplan balance?
What is a floorplan statement?