Why we provide Customer Service

I work in the Accounting Office, who is my customer?

I had my vehicle scheduled for service a few months ago at the local Ford dealership, previously the cashier from that dealership would call to give me an update and an estimate on the cost of repairs. A few changes happened between visits with the service department, the service customer now receives a text about the vehicle, the projected time of completion and estimated cost. Unless the work performed is paid by the warranty company, the customer is instructed to enter the form of payment including the card number, and the keys are held by the cashier.

All questions were directed to the service advisor upon arrival; the service advisor was not responsible for accepting payments for work performed. Upon arrival, after I received my text message, I rushed to the dealership to pick up my vehicle and guess what, the service advisor was gone for the day, so I now have no idea if all the issues with my car were addressed. Well so much for customer service?

The elephant in the room does customer service end and in this industry how does it relate to the accounting department. In the Accounting department who is the customer? Mr. /Mrs. Jones could be the Sales Manager in the Ford store we call for answers when posting a new purchase to the general ledger (car deal) or the customer could be the salesperson that receives a sale voucher for each vehicle sold or leased. Is the customer the Parts Manager that helps the Accounting department with sales tax related questions? Where does customer service for the Accounting Department start and where should it stop?

Does customer service or an extension of kindness end? Customer service may mean helping the Parts manager when they call with a question instead of ignoring the call.

Being of service I believe is a continuous circle, it cost zero dollars to begin, and it may mean a few minutes of one’s time to do the right thing to the end. Committing to customer service in the Accounting Department may involve addressing the Service Manager with respect, no eye-rolling if the question or the request is not reasonable. It also means taking that extra step to deliver the commission vouchers to the salesperson on a daily basis if times permits and not placing them in the inbox for delivery whenever. Regardless of the department and the organization being of service is a continuous commitment to the people in and around us, it becomes an attitude of appreciation and respect.